Ten in Ten

Building Campaign

Call to me, and I will answer you, and show you great and mighty things, which you do not know.

—Jeremiah 33:3

01. Our Story

On October 11, 1970, Pine Hills Church was born in rural, northwest Fort Wayne – an act of evangelistic multiplication by the now Fellowship of Evangelical Churches (FEC). As time progressed, our foundational mission developed into something simple: Bring people to Jesus, Build people to live like Jesus, and Send people out to multiply like Jesus.

Several years ago, our Elder Team granted Pastor Mike a sabbatical to rest, pray, and seek God’s vision for the next ten years. During this time, the Holy Spirit spoke an audacious vision for Pine Hills: plant ten new churches in the next ten years that reach ten percent of their communities and to reach ten percent of our own community (at the time, this vision equated to 4,300 people in Northwest Allen County).

Since embracing this vision, our church has positioned itself for the future. Those crucial pillars (our vision and mission) have since formed and defined our operations, Ministry Action Plan, staff alignment, and church planting efforts.

The Spirit made it clear that it is only out of our intimacy with Him that we will be able to fulfill His vision.

By being Bible-driven, Jesus-centered, and Spirit-led, we believe God will plant ten churches in ten years that reach ten percent of their communities (our external focus) and that we, too, will reach ten percent of our community (our internal focus).

02. Our Challenge

Over the past 16 years, Pine Hills and our community have experienced tremendous growth. Our church is growing numerically; we typically serve 1,500-1,800 people per weekend. In addition, our community is growing; between 2,000 and 3,000 new homes will be built within a few miles of our campus in the next few years. The vast majority of these are single family homes meaning we are being surrounded with opportunities to reach more families than ever before.

We believe the area is prime for growth, especially growth for families, and we are preparing to meet those needs. Completing our campus masterplan is strategically focused on that mission.

What’s Needed?

We must create new and renovated spaces that will allow us to better serve our growing church family and share Jesus to more people who come through our doors.

03. Our Future

Priority One: Kids Ministry

Jesus said, “Let the children come to me, do not hinder them.” On any given Sunday, we have about 300 children participating in our Kids Ministry, a space that is already overcrowded.

The influx of thousands of new families within a few miles of our campus and our ability to provide state-of-the-art, kid-friendly ministry areas will require more space appropriately suited for children.

These renovations and additions include: new and renovated classrooms, a large group meeting space, access to restrooms in classrooms, a secure check-in area, enhanced security for every age group, and flexibility to accommodate other ministries.

Priority Two: Campus Upgrades

The Carroll Road Campus was built in early 2000. As God has blessed our continual growth, many areas have become crowded, impacting our ability to show visitors hospitality, limiting traffic flow and critical space to connect and build relationships.

Improving our campus not only helps us achieve our Sunday morning worship and bible study goals, but equally important, it increases the impact we can make each day of the week.

These renovations and additions include: a lobby expansion, multipurpose classroom and gathering space additions, a kids indoor playland, facility exterior refresh, HVAC replacements and energy-efficiency improvements, gym and bathroom updates, and a maintenance building.

The upgrades listed below will help us provide even more inviting space options for the community and support our mission of Bring, Build, Send, allowing us to impact ten percent of Northwest Allen County by 2030.

04. Floor Plan

05. Digital Renderings

06. Virtual Fly Through

07. FAQ

Capital campaign, cash on hand, and conservative borrowing from the Christian Service Foundation.

Yes! We have no plans to overspend. We plan to invest in the needed level of quality to meet, reach, teach, and send but commit to not over-invest more than is needed to accomplish our mission.

Once completed, the Kids Ministry will have its own dedicated and secure space for Sunday morning. The youth room will become our main overflow worship space. Outside of Sunday, the room will continue to be used as usual.

We did. In fact, over the past two years, our Elder Team and Executive Team have debated multiple options. The options provided point us in the most economical/fiscal direction to reach our goal.

While all renovation elements are necessary to maximize our effectiveness in Bring, Build, and Send, we believe the renovations for our Kids Ministry are particularly urgent. Our current Kids environment has become a hindrance due to rising attendance, security concerns, and the ability to handle new growth.

Each of the renovation projects includes architectural design costs, all structural elements (walls, lighting, doors, drop- ceilings, restrooms, etc.), mechanical components (new HVAC, fire suppression, etc.), floor-to-ceiling finish work (including flooring, paint, trim, cabinets, etc.), and furniture, fixtures, equipment, and audio-visual components.

Over the past few years, we have set aside funds for an operational reserve. As a result, we have an adequate amount in “restricted” savings accounts to cover multiple months of ministry expenses and major immediate upgrades, such as an HVAC replacement.

The goal is to receive campaign commitments by the end of 2022. We desire to start work in the spring of 2023, with completion no later than spring of 2024.

We have taken every step in this process with the commitment that we will never sacrifice ministry for a mortgage. We will ask every member to pray about a 3-year commitment over and above their support of our MAP. Pine Hills has diligently saved funds for campus startup costs and will continue to maintain adequate operating reserves. All Ten in Ten Capital Campaign funds will be above and beyond our current MAP and will in no way take away from the ministries or outreach of our church.

You can begin to give toward your capital campaign commitment immediately. For more information on unique giving opportunities please contact our office. Commitments can be fulfilled over a 38-month period that encompasses four tax years.

100% of all donations will go directly to the Capital Campaign Building Fund and will only be used to support the projects outlined in this document.

Our Elder Team has secured the help of Horizons Stewardship which has guided churches in raising 9 billion in capital dollars. They will guide us through a spiritual process to inform, inspire, and invite each PHC household to discern the leading of the Holy Spirit concerning a 3-year commitment over and above our giving to the PHC MAP. To that end, we have started laying the groundwork for the campaign. We aim to receive campaign commitments and begin the giving period this fall.

08. Prayerful Giving

Our hope is that you will begin seeking God’s leading in your capital campaign commitment immediately. However, please prayerfully consider your involvement.

  • Pray over the vision God has laid for us as a church.

  • Pray for revival and radical transformation in our community through our plan.

  • Pray for faith-filled spirits and generous hearts as we commit to this plan.

  • Pray that your level of giving would be made clear after prayerful consideration.

  • Pray that each sacrificial commitment will be made with an attitude of joyful giving.

  • Pray that God, and God alone, will be glorified with each gift.

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