Send them to multiply like Jesus


Send them to multiply like Jesus

What is multiplication?

At Pine Hills Church, Multiplication is the DNA structure of everything we do.

We are committed to…

  • Bringing people to Jesus
  • Building people to live like Jesus
  • Sending people to multiply like Jesus

This DNA leads to emerging church leaders discovering their calling to join the vision of Multiplication.

The Vision — “10 in 10”

10 churches in 10 years, reaching 10% of our community and beyond. We send leaders and teams to plant churches that also focus on multiplication.

Multiplication takes leaders joining our team, committed to an intentional process which focuses on equipping them to lead reproducing churches. Our approach addresses the personal, pastoral, and practical elements needed to equip the potential planter.

Church Planting Process

1. We get to know you.

A relational way to determine potential fit between a potential planter and sending church.

2. Application & Interviews

Complete the Multiplication Residency application, assessments, and interviews. During this process, we focus on four key areas.

  • Chemistry: Are we a good fit for one another?
  • Competency: Does the planter have what it takes to plant a church?
  • Character: Is Jesus Lord of every aspect of the planter’s life?
  • Calling: Does the planter have a longing to be in a particular place to reach a particular group of people?

If determined there is value in moving forward, the next step will be an interview with our team.

3. Church Plant Residency

1. Multiplication Residency (8 months – 1yr)

This is an engaging journey that teaches the residents the DNA and principles valued at Pine Hills Church. We focus primarily on our theology, culture, and mission.

Most importantly, we invest in the person holistically. If a resident does not graduate to a church planting initiative, we are still committed to the person’s journey with Christ. If they do graduate, they enter the next phase which is the church planting residency.

2. Church Planting Residency (12 weeks)

We equip residents with skills and principles to lead a T.A.P. (Target Analysis Process) Team and build a Launch Team. These are critical steps and skills in creating a healthy and viable church plant.

  • T.A.P. Team: assists in identifying the church plant location.
  • Launch Team: supports and equips the church plant team for launch day and throughout the first year of the plant.
  • Launch Day: A culmination of God’s handiwork to reach a community with the Gospel and DNA to multiply reproducing churches.

Church Plant Endeavors

Over the years, Pine Hills Church has actively participated in the planting process of 4 churches around the country.

Certificate of Theology

A characteristic of every great leader is a continual desire to learn and grow. To assist with this we offer, through our affiliate conference the Fellowship of Evangelical Churches, a unique opportunity to receive a Certificate of Theology. This is a one-of-a-kind partnership among three leading seminaries (Trinity Evangelical Divinity School, Bethel Seminary, and Denver Seminary) to provide a Master’s level seminary education to our planters.

Meet Our Residents