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We’d love to meet you and make you feel at home!

What Should I Expect?

Visiting a new church can be stressful or scary. Nobody likes not knowing what to expect when they come to a new place. Let us take the guesswork out for you!

The Basics:

We’d recommend showing up for services 15-20 minutes before our 9am or 11am services. This will give you plenty of time to catch a spot in our guest parking and meet someone from our team who can show you where the important stuff (like coffee or bathrooms) is located.

Come as you are! Seriously. We don’t have a dress code, and if you show up in a suit and tie or in pajamas, we’ll think you look great. We’re not stuffy, so wear whatever you feel most comfortable in!

Just bring yourself and come as you are!

We’ll have everything else you need — including coffee— so that you can just show up and enjoy the service with us.

If you have a Bible, you can bring that too – we always spend time in it each week. If you don’t have one, no worries – either download the YouVersion Bible app to your phone or we can get you one to use.

After you park, make sure to stop by our Guest Table on the way in. It’s located right inside our lobby towards the right when you enter. We can’t wait to meet you, give you a little gift, answer any questions you have and show you the way around.

New guests get special parking up front close to the main entrance. You don’t have to use it if you don’t want to, but if so, just roll your window down and tell someone from the parking time that it’s your first time here. They’ll guide you to the right spot!


All of our services are roughly an hour and 15 minutes long, and all of our kids’ programming is timed the same way so that as soon as you step out of service, you can pick up your kids. But we do think the best way to receive the most on a Sunday is by staying to make connections in the lobby. Our staff makes a point of meeting new guests and hanging out after service, so make plans to hang out a few minutes after if you can!

This is simple—every week, you’ll learn about Jesus. That’s what we’re all about. Every message, no matter where in the Bible we’re teaching from, we’ll talk about the common thread of Jesus through the whole story of the gospel. We preach Good News—not good advice. Oh, and we love to worship through song too!

What we believe

All of the worship gatherings at Pine Hills have a dedicated kid’s ministry space specifically for your kids! Our team at the Guest Table can take you to the check-in area and get you set up. Or, ask anyone wearing a nametag and they can help too.

At the kid’s check-in area, you’ll be greeted by our Kids team who will help you register your children on our secure check-in software. You will be given a sticker with your child’s name, what class your child is in, and a unique code that corresponds to your child’s own sticker. Our trained and background-checked team, along with our security and medical teams, will work together to keep your kids safe so they can enjoy their time with us.

Once you’ve checked your child into their class, you can head into our worship center down the hall and we’ll take it from there! Your child will participate in fun activities, come together to sing songs to Jesus, and experience an interactive Bible lesson.

For security, we will ask you for an ID, so please have it on hand.

Learn more: Kids

Learn more: Youth

However you would finish that sentence, the answer is still YES — you can come here. We’re a community of people from every background imaginable and it doesn’t matter where you’re from, what you’ve done, or what you’ve been through… you can belong here and join with us on our journey to be with Jesus and be like Him for the sake of the world. We mean it when we say, “welcome to the family.”

We want you to come and see, but we don’t want you to stop there! We’re a church that’s all about being with Jesus and becoming like Him, and that means we believe everyone has a next step to take in their walk with God. We want to help you continue the journey. And the best next step is for you to attend one of our classes which explain who we are, what we believe, and are designed to help you explore if Pine Hills is a good fit for you. We hope it is, but if it’s not we’re always happy to help you get plugged in elsewhere too!

Shoot us an email with the date + time you’re visiting, and our team will be ready for you. See you soon!

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Meet Our Team!

On the first Sunday each month, come hang out in the Connection Pointe after one of our gatherings and get to know our team! Meet leaders from different ministries and discover where you can connect.

We can’t wait to meet you!

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