Creative & Communications

The Creative and Communication ministries at Pine Hills Church play a crucial role in creating meaningful and engaging experiences while also promoting the church’s mission and outreach efforts. Through marketing, art, and multimedia, they help to inspire and connect members of the congregation, while also reaching out to the wider community through various communication channels. Through volunteering, you will have the opportunity to use your talents and creativity to support Pine Hills Church’s messages and mission, and to make a real difference in the lives of others. Are you a creative that has a passion for and a desire to support the work of the church? Consider volunteering in the creative arts and communication ministry at Pine Hills Church!

Current Serving Opportunities

Content Creator
Event Coordinator
Event Promotion & Marketing
Fine Artist
Graphic Designer
Interior Designer
Livestream Host
Photo Editor
Social Media Assistant
Video Editor
Web Developer

If you have questions about serving with the Creative/Communications Team, please contact Ryan Woldman at [email protected].