Worship & Production

The worship and production ministries are at the forefront of creating impactful and God-honoring worship experiences for the congregation and our ministries. These teams are responsible for coordinating and producing every aspect of the worship service, from the captivating music and immersive lighting to the seamless sound and video production. Much of what they do goes unnoticed but plays a vital role to our gatherings. As a volunteer in these ministries, you have the unique opportunity to utilize your skills and talents to create an atmosphere that fosters spiritual growth and connection.

Worship Opportunities

Worship Leader (Ministries)

Production Opportunities

Audio Engineer (BOH)
Audio Engineer (FOH)
Camera Operator
Graphics/Media Operator
Lighting Operator
Service Coordinator
Stage Coordinator
Video Director
Video Switcher

If you have questions about serving with the Worship team, please contact Jared Wright at jaredw@pinehillschurch.com.

If you have questions about serving with the Production team, please contact Jake Trethaway at jaket@pinehillschurch.com.